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The following are ideas for Birthday Wishes for a Daughter

Have you ever struggled with what to write in your Birthday cards? Do you want to give a special Birthday Wish to your Daughter? Let us give you some ideas to create the perfect Birthday greeting.

On the day that you were arrived
The sun began to shine
The stars twinkled up above
For this beautiful daughter of mine
You’re just so adorable
We cherish you every day
Hope your Birthdays filled with fun
In every possible way

A daughter is so special
Ours is truly great
A daughter is so special
That’s why I just can’t wait
To tell our little daughter
On her special day
That we love you more and more
Each and every day
Happy Birthday!

When we walk along the shore
And think of days gone by
We think of this beautiful little girl
The apple of our eye
We think of all the wonderful times
And the joy she’s brought to us
Happy Birthday Daughter
We love you very much!

Happy Birthday Little Girl
You are such a delight
Fun, giggles and laughs
That precious kiss goodnight
We look forward everyday
To watching you grow and play
You lighten up our lives
In every possible way
Happy Birthday Darling!

I can still see you
Asleep in your crib
I can still see you
Wearing that little bib
Even though you’re older
And out in the world
I’m so glad I have
My special little girl
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Daughter
Congratulations too
You always do so very well
In everything you choose
We wish you every happiness
And may all your dreams come true
Were so very very blessed
To have a wonderful girl like you!

I always wanted to protect
My precious little girl
I didn’t want her out alone
In this great big world
But you’ve grown and have moved away
And I can see your doing fine
I’ll always be there if you need me
Little precious daughter of mine
Have A Happy Birthday, may all your dreams come true!

Little girls are such fun
And then they start to grow
They can be the greatest gift
That you’ll ever know
So on your Birthday Daughter
We sincerely wish for you
That your dreams whatever they be
Will all come true for you!

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