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60th Birthday Gift Ideas

60th Birthday Gift Ideas

Finding the perfect 60th Birthday gift idea can sometimes be a bit of a struggle. Whether you’re looking for the perfect 60th Birthday Gift Idea in celebration of this monumental Birthday or a funny gag gift to poke fun at the guest of honour’s milestone Birthday we have come up with some suggestions that may help you in your search.

For someone who has everything, an issue of Life Magazine from the week they were born or the newspaper on the day they were born can be a fun interesting gift that lets them reflect back on how times were when they were born. You can also purchase a 400 piece jigsaw puzzle of the front page of the New York Times depicting the front page of the New York Times for that day. A personalized Birthday Bottle of wine with a special message for someone turning 60 also makes a nice gift; they can enjoy the wine or keep it as a keepsake or memory of their 60th Birthday Celebration. If you think the guest of honour would enjoy a hobby a wine making kit may be a great gift choice. Or you can choose a 3 month membership for someone who is a real wine lover and they will receive 2 bottles of an award winning wine from across the globe a month for three months. A wonderful gift idea from members of the family is a Family Tree Picture Frame with pictures from members of the family suspended from the tree, also a very nice keepsake for the recipient. For those turning 60 and planning to be travelling there are plenty of great 60th Birthday Gift Ideas that make great gifts. Silk pyjamas are light weight and luxurious to take on vacations, a hanging travel toiletries case can be a much appreciated gift that is great for keeping things handy and organized on travel adventures. There are also many great travel books that also make wonderful gifts. A travel diary would also make a great gift for recording all the places and happenings of their travel. Passes or gift certificate to enjoy such things as a hot air balloon ride, white water rafting, a massage or any other fun or relaxing activity can make for a much appreciated gift introducing them to a new adventure in celebration of their 60th year. Gift baskets can also be a great gift and they come in so many wonderful themes, such as fishing, golf, gardening, and a host of other theme related baskets, there’s something for everyone!

If you’re searching for a gag gift, there are so many fun 60th Birthday gifts that can be found online that are perfect for poking fun at a 60th Birthday recipient. Over the hill toilet paper that is printed with cartoons and jokes about getting old, gnarly teeth which is a package of fake dentures, a game called Senior Moments, a Retirement Office Hours sign, an Over The Hill Survival Kit, slippers that look like golf shoes as well as many other gag gifts for a laugh on their 60th Birthday.

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